Baby Boys Circumcision at London Circumcision Clinic

Newborn Circumcision - Price starting from £250

Dr Khan has performed more than 3000 newborn and baby boys circumcisions in the UK. He is at the top of his field with excellent audit results. Please speak to Dr.(Mr) Khan  tel: +447527314081

Circumplast or PLastibell method

These are called ring method circumcision. Circumplast has better results than Plastibell. Please see the results in our Blog

Price of circumcision includes (WHY PRICE IS £250 FOR UNDER 1 YEAR OLD CHILD)

  • Circumcision is performed by Dr (Mr.) Khan, Specialist fully trained Paediatric Surgeon / Urologist

  • Consultation, risk assessment and procedure are done personally by Dr. Khan

  • Pre-operative anaesthesia for pain free circumcision

  • Modern Circumplast Ring method (First Expert in New Circumplast Ring in UK from 2013)

  • Complimentary aftercare package is provided

  • Aftercare 24/7 support is provided directly by Dr Khan by providing his mobile phone

  • Free follow-up appointment if required

  • Aftercare ointment and pain relief medication will be provided

  • No hidden charges

Dr. Khan is very helpful in the whole process. He is very experienced and a true professional. Circumcision was for my 5 month old baby and we were very concerned but Dr. made the whole experience full of ease. Many thanks Doctor. Highly recommend him for the service.
— Father, London March 2018
We were really scared but Dr Khan did it beautifully. Our son who is 2 months old was smiling when Dr Khan was doing the circumcision of my son.
— Father from Cambridge, March 2018
The standard of the after care was exemplary; Dr Khan was extremely patient and swift to respond to any queries. I am very happy with the result of my son’s surgery.
— Mother, Leyton, London Dec 2017 (baby circumcision with Circumplast ring)
Dear Dr. Khan,
Thank you very much for getting in touch. I was thinking to send you an email to thank you but was a bit busy. Imran is healing fine. The ring came off after the eighth day and now is completely fine. Thank you again for taking the time to get in touch and for caring. Jazaka Allah for the good job.
— Rachid B. Leyton, London
My baby circumcision was done excellently and pain free he didn’t even need pain medication
— Mother, London Oct 2017

Information - Best or RIGHT age of Circumcision

  • Parents asks about the best or right age to have their son circumcised. Ideal age is baby circumcision from 3 days to 4 weeks. Our audit has showed that minimum complications of circumcision occurred in infant who is under 1 month of age.

  • Circumcision (ring method) is the cutting off of the extra fold of skin that normally covers the head of the penis with the application of a plastic ring. After circumcision, the tip of the penis is always exposed.

  • We use the Circumplast circumcision device of Australian origin, which has the special advantage that the ring cannot migrate to the shaft. Such migration has, over many years, been reported as a potential problem with the nominally similar Plastibell device. The Circumplast device also protects the glans (tip of penis) and leaves less inner skin, which gives a neater look of tight circumcision.

  • We have also experienced of stitch and glue circumcision in children, Gomco clamp circumcision, Alisklamp circumcision (Turkish Clamp) and Plastibell Circumcision



  • £150 (Free consultation if circumcision is done at same day) at Leyton clinic, London

 PRices of CIRCUMCISION (RING METHOD) or circumcision by STITCHES (extra £100)

at Leyton Circumcision Clinic, London

  • Age less than 1 year £250 (Ring Method)

  • Age 1-2 years £300 (Ring Method)

  • Age 3-4 years £325 (Ring Method)

  • Age 5-7 years £350

CLINICS- where can i get my baby circumcised

  • Leyton Healthcare, 4th floor , 75 Oliver Road, Leyton, London E10 5LG

  • Thornhill Circumcision Centre, 1-3 Thornhill Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8EY

A very caring doctor indeed. Has a clean hand as a surgeon- very through with explaining pre-op, operational and post op care and complication.
He had been the doctor for my older son’s circumcision and we chose him again for our second one.
— Father, East London Nov 2017
Dr Khan was very helpful from the initial consultation to the post-procedure care and advice. Great service and standard of care. (Verified by IWantGreatCare website)
— Mother, London Nov 2017

Procedure and Risks

The Circumplast circumcision device has a cylindrical body, thus the distal opening of the device is the same diameter as the proximal opening. This feature ensures that the glans cannot be obstructed in any way, thereby removing any potential threat to the glans.



Each child is assessed and a consultation is necessary before the operation by Mr. (Dr.) Khan. If there is a problem or contra-indication for circumcision a Specialist Paediatric Urologist referral is given for your GP.


Parents may wish to have their boy circumcised for religious, social or cultural reasons. Sometimes circumcision is recommended for medical reasons such as phimosis or recurrent balanitis.


We perform circumcision on male children using a local anaesthetic which provides safe and effective pain-relief. We employ the Circumplast or Plastibell technique (a ring method). A plastic ring is tied around the end of the penis at the foreskin. Top of foreskin is removed. The ring stays on the end of the penis and prevents bleeding after the surgery. The surgery takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Circumplast circumcision

After care - Circumcision


After the circumcision,  the penis will look slightly swollen for a number of days. The swelling will gradually settle but might take a few weeks.

There might be some discomfort so we recommend medication for pain relief that can be taken orally (usually Paracetamol) for the first 48 hours. Always read the instructions on the bottle. Ibuprofen can be given over 3 months old children after circumcision.


The wound must be kept clean to avoid infection. Bath daily using 1-2 tablespoons of salt in the bath. A good clean with running water if the area is soiled. Put Vaseline on the head of the penis with each nappy change.


The plastic ring will fall off within 3 to 14 days (average 7 days). You must contact us if the plastic ring has not fallen off within 14 days or if it has migrated to the body (shaft) of the penis.


Please contact us immediately if there is a problem.

  • Temperature greater than 37C

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Extreme irritability/inconsolability

  • Difficulty passing urine

  • Signs of infection


In common with any other surgical procedure, circumcision has risks, including excessive bleeding, infection, complications from anaesthetics and excessive or inadequate skin removal. In rare cases a child might require a redo operation, which is more common in cases of buried or hidden penis or child may rarely require hospital admission in case of excessive bleeding. Please contact us directly or telephone Dr Khan who provides 24 hour support. Consultation and advice can be arranged if required.

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