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Balanitis (Foreskin Inflammation) In men

  • What is balanitis or balanoposthitis in men ? 
  • Balanitis in diabetic men  
  • what are other cause?  
  • What is the Treatment for Balanitis?
  • How Effective is Circumcision In case Balanitis in men?
  • What are the complication of banalitis   

Please call Dr. Khan if you are suffering from infection of foreskin or Balanitis    

Information about the adult circumcision before and after the procedure.  


Revision circumcision or redo circumcision in adult

Circumcision revisions performed due to unsatisfactory results with the original circumcision. Redo circumcision is an uncommon but sometimes necessary procedure.

A circumcision revision might be necessary for several reasons. The most common reason is that too much of the foreskin is left following a circumcision. This is called redundant foreskin. It can cause scar tissue to form and develops more fat in the area around the penis.

Circumcision revision may also be needed if the penis drops back into the fatty area surrounding it, seeming to “trap” it or hidden penis or buried penis  

Another reason circumcision revision may be required is if something called a “penile skin bridge” develops. This is when the shaft of the penis becomes attached to the round band near the tip of the penis.

You should seek medical attention if you notice any of these problems with his penis. Urologists do not recommend waiting if a circumcision revision is needed. The problem will not resolve itself and may become worse  

skin may loosen up over the time in later adulthood.  

Stitch marking and tunnels were another reason for redo or revision of circumcision in adults.  


Please contact to Dr. Khan directly to discuss about revision , redo or tight Circumcision in men. 

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