Baby Circumcision- Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Circumcision- Frequently Asked Questions

frequently ask questions about baby circumcision

London Circumcision Clinic by Paediatric Surgeon/Urologist  

Adult feedback after Glue Circumcision

Dear Dr Khan and team

It is now 3 1/2 months since I attended the thorn hill clinic for my circumcision.

Everything has completely healed and I am very pleased and completely satisfied with the outcome. As is my girlfriend/partner.

When I got home on the day of the operation I took paracetamol as a precaution as the anaesthetic wore off. but that was the only time, I didn’t need it again. I went back to work on the Monday 15th October 2018.

The bandages came off after 3 days, the swelling had almost pushed them off by that point any way. I used the fuicuden cream as instructed but there was no infection so the antibiotic prescription didn’t get used.  Within 2 weeks the swelling had mostly gone down and by week 3 the stitches were gone.

I felt really looked after by you and your colleagues at the clinic, before, during and after the operation.

All in all a good experience (under the circumstance!!) I wish I had booked in with you for a circumcision years ago.

Kind regards


( Email received on 27-01-2019)

Annual audit has improved outcomes of circumcisions

Annual audit has improved outcomes of circumcisions with disposable rings in children in a community clinic under local anaesthesia - Thornhill clinic and Leyton clinic, London


To evaluate the early postoperative complications particularly impaction of disposable devices in children’s circumcision procedures under local anaesthesia in a community clinic in this year’s audit versus previous 3 audits. 


In our current audit cycle, the outcome of circumcisions (n=1222) was prospectively studied over a 1-year period (May 2017 to April 2018) and were compared with the last 3 audit cycles. Circumcision was performed under local anaesthesia, by trained doctors in a community clinic using Circumplast (CC)(n=310) and Plastibell (PC)(n=912).  Early postoperative complications especially ring impaction were compared among the four audits. Follow-up was arranged if required.


The mean age was 4.4±0.3 months (median 1.5). Complication rate in this year’s audit was 5.1%(62/1222). There is no significant difference in overall complications rate in CC(6.8%n=21/310) versus PC(4.5%n=64/979)(p>0.5). Delayed ring separation/impaction is significantly lower in CC (1% n=3/310) versus PC (2.4% n=22/912) (p<0.05) and has significantly improved from the previous three audits. In current year, 202 (16.5%) children were followed and mean duration was 10±2.6 days (median 6).


The annually conducted audit has shown improved outcomes of circumcisions with disposable rings in children in a community clinic under local anaesthesia over successive years.


Ref: Accepted as presentation and poster in ESPU 30th Meeting, Lyon, France.