Ten Good Reasons To Choose The London Circumcision Centre

  • A specialist service for male circumcision.
  • A safe and reliable service.
  • Dr Khan is a specialist Surgeon (Paediatric Surgeon/Urologist) with 23 years’ experience in performing circumcisions.
  • Clinics are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • Circumcisions are performed in a high quality designated operating theatre.
  • Latest techniques using sterile disposable single use instruments.
  • A pain free procedure as local anaesthetic is used to numb the area in advance.
  • 24 hour telephone help and support.
  • Staff offer confidential information and advice in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.
  • Comprehensive aftercare advice is provided and includes a free follow up.



Dr Khan has performed more than 3000 circumcisions on babies and children in the UK.  Circumplast is normally used for child circumcision because it is better than Plastibell.   Read More


Dr Khan is an expert in methods of older boys circumcision such as sutureless (Glue), free hand, forceps guided method, stitches, dorsal slit, revision, redo circumcision and frenuloplasty. Read more

Adult circumcision from £550

Dr Khan is an expert in circumcision methods including sleeve, sutureless (Glue), free hand, forceps guided method, stitches, dorsal slit, revision, and frenuloplasty.  He can discuss the characteristics of high and low cut, tight and loose type circumcision

Paediatric urology services

Dr Khan is committed to the provision of a high quality Paediatric Urology service which is tailored for each individual. Areas of expertise include: foreskin problems, bed wetting, urinary tract infection among others.  Fee is £150 for consultation. 


Dr Khan Paediatric Surgeon / Urologist

Dr Khan has performed more than 6 000 circumcisions in the UK. He also worked in Saudi Arabia for 7 years as a Consultant and Assistant Professor in Paediatric Surgery/Urology. He has been working at an NHS Hospital at various levels of responsibility including locum Consultant in Paediatric Surgery/Urology since 2003. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in Paediatric Surgery and a Fellow of the European Board of Paediatric Surgery. He is an expert in buried penis, foreskin problems and hypospadias and is also developing further new techniques in circumcisions on adults, children and infants. He is on the General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register. His research work has been published in leading International medical journals such as The Journal of Pediatric Surgery (2015: vol. 3, pp541-544) and The Journal of Pediatric Urology (2013: vol. 9, pp78-81)

I am quite pleased with the outcome and also recommend two work colleagues to your establishment. Thanks again
— Cliver S, Milton Keynes
I underwent a revision circumcision by Mr Khan on the 9th of April for a circumcision I had elsewhere 20 years ago. The care I received was excellent. He explained clearly what we could achieve and listened to my concerns. Both Mr Khan and the lovely nurse were reassuring me during the procedure which was uneventful. I didn’t feel any pain (apart from a small sting during the injection of local anaesthetic) and the end result was so neat. The use of glue sealed the wound nicely and I would recommend this to everyone rather than stitches. I didn’t feel any pain afterwards apart from a mild discomfort the first night. I didn’t even need to use any pain killers. I highly recommend Mr Khan and the Thornhill clinic as I was made to feel comfortable throughout.
— Adult Patient April 2016
I had a circumcision revision done about one month ago by Dr. Khan.
On the whole, my experience was excellent at all times. Dr. Khan took much time to discuss the procedure and answered every question I had.
I was surprised how painless and convenient the surgery and healing process were.
Now, one month after the procedure, I can highly recommend Dr. Khan. I received excellent care from him and his staff.
— L.O Germany March 2017
As an adult Euro male, I developed a condition that required circumcision. At 40 yrs old the prospect was not ideal, and I took time to research techniques available in the London area.

Dr Khan is utterly professional, and an expert in his field. During consultation, Dr Khan patiently answered my many questions. The procedure was painless, and swift. My healing time was rapid, a testament to Dr Khan’s skill, and the results are cosmetically excellent, with no scarring. The use of skin glue reduced need for stitches to just a few.

I highly recommend Dr Khan, a published authority and lecturer on circumcision, for anyone considering a circumcision.
— Adult - London Circumcision Clinic, Leyton May 2017

Cost of Circumcision

Age newborn - under 6 months £150 (read more)

Age 6 months to 1 year £200 (Ring Method)

Age 1-2 years £250 (Ring Method)

Age 2-5 years £300 (Ring Method)

Age 5-8 years £325 (Ring Method)

Age 8-12 years £350 (read more)

Age 12-16 years £450 

Adults and more than 16 years from £550 (read more)

Adult circumcision with Glue £625

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Free limited parking is available near the clinic

Note: Our nurses and doctors follow the holding policy according to Royal College of Nursing guidance 2010. We cancel the circumcision if a child shows signs of resistance or distress and Dr. Khan feels it would be harmful to restrain.