Balanitis and Balanoposthitis in Men

What is Balanitis ( foreskin infection)

Balanitis is infection and swelling of the foreskin and the tip of the penis (is called glans penis) . Balanitis usually occurs in uncircumcised men due to an infection or inadequate hygiene.  Balanoposthitis is called to a more severe infection of the glans penis along with foreskin.

Foreskin infection is more common in diabetic men. Balanitis is often caused by a fungal infection for example candida infection.  Scarring after the balanitis can lead to phimosis, tightening of the foreskin which can cause pain during sex and makes it difficult to pull foreskin back.

Antibiotic treatment and good hygiene often helps to treat the balanitis.  It is important to wash foreskin with salty water to prevent infection. However, recurrent balanitis can lead to scarring and phimosis in adults.  In case of  repeated balanitis and balanoposthitis, adult circumcision is an effective treatment option.