Adult circumcision

Feedback from patients

Very professional and well run organisation which I would recommend.

Written by a patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton June 2019

Dr Khan is very experienced and knowledgable. The consultation was straight forward and simple. He performed the circumcision after the consultation. The anaesthetic was painful but the rest of the procedure and recovery were relatively painless. Aftercare was good. Highly recommend.

Written by a patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton May 2019

Mr Khan is amazing! I was circumcised 18 years ago for purely cosmetic reasons. That circumcision I was never truly happy with, so I decided on having a redo of my circumcision. I was quite early to the clinic for my appointment, but I had travelled 139 miles for the procedure. I was worried that I was in the wrong place so quickly called Mr Khan who reassured me that I was in the correct place and he would be there in just a few minutes. Knowing what already entails with the circumcision I knew what to expect. The only pain is from the three or four needles injecting the anaesthesia those did make my eyes water a little, but it's only brief. Once this had taken effect it was completely pain-free. It took just a little over an hour. The nurse assisting throughout the circumcision is also amazing. She was friendly, bubbly and was asking throughout if I was ok. I had no pain at all even after the anaesthetic had worn off; which was several hours after the circumcision. I'm now on my third week of recovery which has gone very smoothly. My one suture I had came out at three weeks. I'm really pleased with the result. I am still a little swollen from time to time, this is worse due to me walking a lot in my job, but that is to be expected. I must stress how amazing the glue is when having a circumcision. Less healing time and the cosmetic result is much improved. My tip is to ask for the glue every time, it's so much better than conventional sutures. During the recovery, I did ask a few questions to Mr Khan via SMS and they were always answered quickly, and he was reassuring. He really has a great bedside manner. To anyone considering circumcision, I say Do It! I've never regretted it, in fact, my only regret is that I wished I had been circumcised at birth and by Mr Khan. Anyone saying that circumcision is mutilation is an idiot, it's the best thing I've done. Do it, but ensure you have Mr Khan do it!

Written by adult after redo circumcision at Leyton Clinic, London May 2019

Doctor is amazing , the amount of professionalism is off the charts . Suffered for a year with foreskin issues and took the decision to do circumcision . Everything was done very fast in 1 week it was done. I chose circumcision with glue and i have 0 scars , healing time was short , 10 days and glue fell off perfectly well . The aftercare instructions where on point and i had 0 complications or infections after . Best thing about this doctor is you are in constant contact and he will answer all of your concerns promptly until you are completely healed. The doctor is a life saver .

Written by adult after glue circumcision May 2019

I had a re-do circumcision with Dr Khan, after a previous circumcision carried out abroad left me with a lot of scarring. Obviously you are always nervous with something like this however Dr Khan and his clinical assistant put me immediately at ease. The results have been exceptional, I now have a very neat circumcision. Dr Khan really is an artist. I would certainly say to anyone who requires a circumcision revision to contact Dr Khan.

Written by adult after revision circumcision April 2019

Provided a professional and assuring experience. I would recommend going to see him before any GP with issues relating to your private areas.

Written by Harrison T at Google reviews March 2019

Before attending I was quit nervous about the procedure however after reading the reviews about the great service it made me feel so much better. I have to say I agree with all the wonderful feedback. Thank you to everyone at Thornhill centre. I felt no pain throughout the procedure and minimal pain after.

Written by a patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton March 2019

I was welcomed by a friendly receptionist as soon as I entered the clinic. She was very efficient and I was speaking to the Dr after 5 minutes. He explained in very simple terms the procedure that I was going to have and answered all my questions. I was then taken to get changed and then the doctor took me too the Operating room. The assistant made me feel very comfortable and just repeated what was going to happen and settled me down. The operation was done before I knew it had started and the doctor had done a great job. He’s very friendly, polite, more than willing to answer all my questions but most importantly did a very good job.

Written by a patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton March 2019

Kept the situation calm and asked me how I was doing every now and again. Discussed topics to keep me comfortable and draw my attention away from the operation.

Written by an adult patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton March 2019

Very professional, helpful and knew their stuff. Quick, pain free adult circumcision, would recommend to anyone thinking of getting it done. Top quality care.

Written by a patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton Feb 2019

Dr Khan and the staff at the clinic were extremely professional, understanding and calming. I felt at ease during the procedure and things were explained clearly. I would recommend Dr Khan without reservation.

Written by a patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton Feb 2019

Dr Khan and his assistant both provided excellent care. They discussed all details of the surgery beforehand and made me feel completely at ease throughout. He was a great professional and I would highly recommend his services.

Written by an adult patient at Leyton clinic, London Feb 2019

Very Good!
— 22nd January 2019 Written by a patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre

I saw Dr Khan at the Leyton clinic on the 6th Feb. What a lovely gentleman and assistant they were. Dr Khan was very honest with me with regard to scar tissue under the gland. He thought any surgery would make things worse. I have been provided with some steroid cream to help soften the area affected. Fingers crossed this might help. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Khan for treatment. Top man and doctor.

Written by a adult patient after post-circumcision by other doctor at Leyton clinic, Feb 2019

Good service. Easy to book. Clearly knew his stuff and made me feel at ease. All done within the hour and went as explained.

Written by a adult patient after Circumcision at Leyton clinic, Jan 2019

I had a circumcision re- do at your excellent Thornhill  Clinic  recently. I was circumcised some time ago elsewhere. But  I wanted a tighter circumcision. Mr Khan has now performed a perfect circumcision for me. 

He is an excellent surgeon who I would highly  recommend. & explained  everything very  well. Has healed very quickly with glue. Pain free & no discomfort at all. 

Many Thanks Mr Khan & his assistant  sorry I don't know the name. Also Many Thanks  to  lovely  nurse Danni & Jemma  on reception  all very kind  caring & helpful. I am very glad I chose to be circumcised  @ your clinic.

Many Thanks again . Ross.

From The isle of Wight ( by Email dated 27 December 2018)

Adult patient redo (revision) circumcision Nov 2018 at Thornhill Clinic, Luton

Three weeks ago I visited Dr Khan in the Leyton clinic for my circumcision. From the moment we started the consultation I felt at ease and it gave me the confidence to have the procedure done. The whole experience was pain free and was done quicker than I had anticipated. As I had the glue, instead of stitches there was no bleeding of the wound, when the bandage was removed thee days later, just some swelling. The glue dropped off after about ten days and the single disolvable stitch at fourteen days, there was some concerns I had about the swelling perhaps not being quite right, but a quick call to Dr Khan reassured me that everything is healing nicely. The most difficult thing in this last thee weeks is trying to be in-active and resting on the sofa. I do recommend to any gentleman who is considering an adult circumcision Dr Khans services .I am extremely pleased 

London Adult patient September 2018

I am a Consultant in Critical Care working in North London with Surgical background. Mr Khan has helped me shape a very aesthetically pleasing penis after a failed circumcision done elsewhere. I have demanded a lot from him ...His assistant Nurse D( Demetra) is simply great , very professional and exceptionally friendly. I am recovering from a second touch up and hope to achieve a perfect looking penis. Thank you Mr Khan. P.s both times I had absolutely no pain- great!
— Doctor from North London June 2018

Very professional and friendly. Doctors and staff made me feel at ease from the start. I would highly recommend this clinic
— Adult, Thornhill Clinic, Luton Feb 2018

I did my circumcision at Thornhill center and I saw that Mr Khan was really professional as I didn't feel any pain during the injection of anaesthetic or even during the operation. I was fully satisfied and comfortable so I highly recommend Mr Khan for such kind of operation. I would like also to thank the nurses there as they are friendly and have lovely smile ☺. Thank you

Adult, Birmingham, December 2017 ( Adult Glue Circumcision) 

Pain free and professional service. I am 29 years old and chose to be cut for health reasons. I wanted to find a surgeon with a lot of experience and that lead me to Mr Khan. Would recommend.

Adult patient, Thonhill Clinic November 2017

Great service and precision surgery. Really made us feel at ease and quick response to our query text messages after surgery. Would definitely recommend.
— Mother from London Oct 2017

I am a male in my late 20s . I had considered circumcision for a long time before finally deciding to seek a consultation for treatment . I am very glad that I saw Mr Khan. He was very insightful and helpful. He talked through the procedure and my options. We decided to go ahead with circumcision . The procedure was uneventful. I recommend bringing an MP3 player . I found it helpful to listen to music . Mr Khan and his assistant were excellent throughout . The after care advice was detailed . I revived contact from mr Khan 1 week post procedure and a letter for my GP. I am now 3 weeks post procedure . I have healed well, i am happy with the cosmetics & I am very glad I finally had this done. Mr Khan and his assistant were excellent througout. The facilities were good. Location was accessible. I am highly satisfied with the quality of care that I received . I would strongly endorse and recommend mr Khan to any other men who are considering this procedure .

Adult circumcision, London Oct 2017

I would like to say thanks to Dr.Khan and his assistance who provided an excellent service on circumcision. I have been thinking of getting circumcised for quite a while but did not come across this until I spoke to Dr.Khan. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Khan has provided an excellent service, not only on the job but also communication. Every other day, I will be informed via text message from Dr. Khan to ensure I was OK and if there are any issues, he will be happy to see me. Normally for doctors, once the job is done, they will move on however Dr. Khan will keep a relationship with his client to ensure everything is well. Getting hold of Dr. Khan and speaking to him directly is very simple unlike other hospitals which you will need to leave a message or wait for the doctor to call you back. Overall I would like to thanks Dr. Khan for providing an outstanding job. I would highly recommend in seeing him not only for Adult circumcision but also Child Circumcision. Once again, thanks for providing an excellent service.

Anthony C, London September 2017

Very professional service, from the initial phone call to the treatment all handled with great professionalism which gave confidence that I was in good hands.
— Adult Patient, Thornhill Clinic April 2017

Very Professional service, would recommend to others.

Dr. A Khan GP Luton, Bedforshire April 2017

I had a circumcision revision done about one month ago by Dr. Khan. 
On the whole, my experience was excellent at all times. Dr. Khan took much time to discuss the procedure and answered every question I had. 
I was surprised how painless and convenient the surgery and healing process were.
Now, one month after the procedure, I can highly recommend Dr. Khan. I received excellent care from him and his staff.

L.O Germany March 2017

Good communication before the day,  nice fascilities,  the surgeon gave us confidence, good care of our son during the procedure, communication good would recommend to others.

Birmingham customer, January 2017

I had a very comfortable experience during my circumcision, very professional and informative. Am happy to give 5 stars.

Adult, Manchester, January 2017

Dear Mr Khan

To say that I am, indeed we are, delighted with the results would be a huge understatement. Apart from the minor discomfort of the initial injection I have had no pain, minimal bruising and no swelling. The wound has healed remarkable swiftly and there have been no signs of infection or weeping. I would happily recommend this procedure and your surgical skills to anyone in my position. I also very much appreciated the pre and post operative care that you showed with your regular communication and advice. Very many thanks and kindest regards.

Steve, London December 2016

Good explanation and reassuring . Very clean clinic . All disposable instruments were used -all antiseptic procedures were maintained to the highest standard. Perfect procedure with perfect result . Post op care was good with clear instructions. Even called after procedure to check the progress. No hesitation in recommending the surgeon - fantastic
— Adult circumcision from London Sept 2016

It was a nice experience as Dr Khan explained me in great detail about the procedure and care it would require afterwards. After the surgery I phoned Dr Khan twice with some queries and he assisted me at both occasions.He also saw me a week later in his clinic and ensured that the process of healing was satisfactory. I am really thankful to him and his team who made all of this so nice and easy for me.I have to say that the entire experience was excellent and I thank him and the lovely nurse as well for being so much caring and professional.

RD, London July 2016

Patient asked to give us his feedback about the care he received. He said "Perfect"

Adult patient with phimosis (BXO) May 2016

The dr was extremely informative and explained everything and the reason behind it.

Written by an adult, May 2016

Dr.Khan knows what he is talking about, he is very professional and understands what you are going through because he is so established in his field. I can't say I was an easy patient and he handled every issue I had with ease and in a very calm fashion. On top of this he offers his personal number as a means of contact and will happily see you for a follow up to make sure everything is the way it should be. 100% I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for the services he offers

Adult patient, Leyton clinic, Leyton, East London May 2016

I would definitely recommend Dr Khan and members of the staff. I had a circumcision procedure done under local anaesthesia and Dr Khan really did a great job by listening carefully my requests and concerns, and at the same time providing good advices for getting the best outcomes. He and his assistant were very professional during the procedure and I was very, very pleased to be able to see a perfect result at the end. Overall, I'm very satisfied and would advice any patient wanting to get adult circumcision to consider Thornhill Clinic. (taken from IWantGreatCare website)

Adult male circumcision, France April 2016

Excellent care, Very Professional
— Adult Circumcision Clinic, Luton, Bedfordshire April 2016

Excellent service Dr Khan and I will recommend to anyone who needs this services. Thank you 

Three sons' father,  London February 2016

(Good) Evening Dr (Khan) just wanted to let you know that AP' ring dropped off today (day 10 post op). Thank you for your help and constant check ups. I am so pleased thank you so much.

AP's mother 18 Dec 2015, Leyton , London

"I was most impressed with what he did and the care that he took and it would be nice to recommend the Circumcision Clinic to anyone else I can advise to use your clinic. The whole ethos of the place there was brilliant and deserves me passing on my views that the Circumcision Centre is the place to use."
Brian J.

Newborn and children circumcision

Feedback from parents

I visited the clinic with my 17 month old son. The procedure went very well. We received great after-care as well. I contacted Mr Khan several times and he always replied quickly and addressed all my concerns. I would highly recommend. Excellent and professional service!

Written by mother at Leyton clinic, London May 2019

Mr Khan is professional and trustworthy doctor he explained me very well before my son circumcision what he gona do after what he say exact 7 days my son perfect alhamdullilaah so he is good doctor I recommend

Written by parents at Leyton clinic, London Jan 2019

Mr Khan performed my son's circumcision at 8 days old. I am a surgeon myself (although in another specialty). It was important for me that a paediatric surgeon with a specialist interest in paediatric urology performed my sons surgery as in the unlikely event of a complication I would want the doctor to have the skills to deal with the complications. Mr Khan did not disappoint, he was excellent throughout. Prior to the operation he sent out detailed written information and on the day of the operation he took the time to explain the procedure and allowed us to give informed consent. Most importantly he examined my son prior to circumcision and advised me of the risks of a rare complication called buried penis. The procedure was performed excellently and he gave us clear post op instructions. After the operation he contacted me to ask about how my son was doing and gave me advice to help reduce the swelling. My sons ring fell off at 10 days. He was slightly irritable on day 1 but he was back to normal and pain free after 24 hours. I would highly recommend Mr Khan to all of my friends and Family. Thank you for your excellent care.

Surgeon (Father), Cambridge, January 2018

The standard of the after care was exemplary; Dr Khan was extremely patient and swift to respond to any queries. I am very happy with the result of my son's surgery.

Mother, East London,  December 2017 (Baby Circumcision)

Mr Khan is a very proficient and courteous surgeon and in this year I have taken two of my grandsons to him for circumcision. The surgery was done expertly and very neatly with very good outcome. As in the recent case, in future I intend to insist that he carries out the circumcision. His instructions were very precise and clear. No problems post surgery. The receptionist in Thornhill Clinic in Luton was also very patient and did not rush us and gave time to let the baby settle down.

Grandfather, Peterborough Sept 2017

Thank you so much for your support and professionalism, will definitely be referring you to future mothers of boys. Many thanks again.

Mother of SS, London April 2017

Hi Dr. Khan, thanks for getting in touch. I can certify that you did a good job on my son. His wound healed nicely and he is in great shape   right now. Thank you for your help and speak with you soon.

Dr. C, London February 2017

I am writing regarding the circumcision experience which happened in surgery. According to my experience Dr Khan is the best doctor in this department. He listen to us He explained everything before and after circumcision He s well experience person I would recommend all of parents who want securely done circumcision for their baby's. I am happy of his service

Father of a baby, Leyton, London October 2016

I would like to thank Dr Khan and his wonderful team for the amazing service we received today. My son was circumcised by Dr. Khan who has gone above and beyond to help my son calm down before he operated on him. Dr. Khan and his staff were so caring and attentive to all our needs that makes this surgery stand out from the rest. I will be forever eternally grateful to Dr. Khan.

Mother, Oxford August 2016

Good clean clinic & very efficient service. Mr Khan is knowledgeable and very skilled. He was absolutely professional. Being Doctors ourselves we felt the whole package of service here is excellent. Nursing staff are very caring and understand how challenging emotionally it can be for new parents. Thank you for providing this immensely important service.

Both parents are doctors, London August 2016

I am GP and I especially chose Mr Khan due to his extensive experience and the fact that he is a urologist. He was very informative and discussed the risks with us. He also gave us lots of aftercare advice. We would recommend Mr Khan to other families who wish to have their child circumcised and if they want it done by the best person in the field.

Father of a child from West London, Thornhill Circumcision Centre,   June 2016

Dr Khan was very professional throughout and provided the much needed reassurance prior to our Son's procedure. The service overall was very efficient however we would recommend more information is provided on the website such as the company's restraint procedure, information regarding preparation and aftercare. It would be helpful for those travelling some distance to be given the opportunity to speak to the Consultant direct. We are very grateful for this service however and would definitely recommend it to others.

Mother, Thornhill Clinic, Luton May 2016

I am impressed by high standards of professionalism displayed throughout my stay here (Thornhill Circumcision CLinic). Good team and God bless.

Father of a child, Dublin, Ireland, May 2016

Dr Khan performed a circumcision on our newborn son and we were extremely happy with the service. He personally took time to explain the procedure fully and he ensured the baby was at ease throughout the procedure (for example, allowing the baby to feed to help calm him). The service felt very personal and we felt assured by the aftercare provided by Dr Khan. Excellent service from start to finish. We will definitely be recommending him to friends and family.

Parents from North London March 2016

Adult circumcision

Feedback from patients

I really appreciated his professional work. He explained the process clearly and easily. He answered all our questions nicely and clearly. I recommending to my family and friends to go the clinic and use the service with Dr Khan.

Simret and Michael, London August 2017

Dr Khan listened to what I wanted and made his own suggestions based on his experience which I followed. He put me at ease throughout the consultation and the procedure itself. Aftercare was great as Dr Khan was available at a phone number provided and the end result is exactly what I was looking for. 

Leyton Clinic, London July 2017

I had my redo circumcision performed by Dr. Khan assisted by nurse Dee on the 17th May 2017 at the Leyton Healthcare Clinic in East London. Dr. Khan explained the options that were available to me once he had seen what he had to work with as I have a fairly large piercing that I wanted to keep. The preferred option was chosen and the procedure passed smoothly with Dr. Khan and nurse Dee working together as a well-practised team discussing various topics with me as the operation progressed. Following the operation I had minor discomfort during the first night which was effectively eased with over the counter medication and since then I have had no pain or discomfort. The dressing was removed 2 days later which revealed no bruising and a nicely glued joint. A month later I have a really nice cosmetic result. Prior to the operation, I had a couple of conversations with Dr. Khan who had transformed my initial nervousness in to having full confidence in him.

Revision circumcision at Leyton Clinic , London June 2017

I had a circumcision revision done about one month ago by Dr. Khan. On the whole, my experience was excellent at all times. Dr. Khan took much time to discuss the procedure and answered every question I had. I was surprised how painless and convenient the surgery and healing process were. Now, one month after the procedure, I can highly recommend Dr. Khan. I received excellent care from him and his staff. 

L.O. Germany March 2017

Dr Khan has been very helpful before and after my surgery. He explained to me in great detail what the surgery will be like and also kept me at ease with my nervousness. I have also been able to contact him whenever I have questions via mobile so he is always available for help. I am happy with my decision to go with him and i am pleased with the outcome of the surgery.

London, December 2016

Had a circumcision performed today at the Thornhill clinic performed by Dr Khan and his nurse who's name slips me. Both were very good at calming my pre op nerves as was Sam the receptionist/manager. Dr Khan listened to what I had to say and my expectations. Gave me his views on them and found that my expectations were very similar to how he would recommend it for my anatomy. Dr Khan was very professional throughout and this really helped ease my nerves. When I was called through I was again calmed by his friendly nurse who again was professional and down to earth at the same time. They both kept me informed of what was happening and by the time they were set up I had no nerves. Before I knew it the procedure was over. The clinic itself is spotless throughout and although very professional there is also an element of compassion and safety too. I couldn't recommend this place enough. Couldn't have gone any smoother! Only had procedure done today but so far minimal pain and discomfort.

Adult patient,  November 2016

The Doctor and staff were very professional. I would highly recommend using Thornhill surgery. The surgery is very clean and tidy and all the staff made me feel at ease with a very nervous procedure. Thank you you all the staff.

Adult patient August 2016

I saw Dr. Khan for a circumcision revision. Due to an initial botched circumcision, I've seen four different doctors for revision procedures. The other doctors were well known and I was happy with their jobs as well. But Dr. Khan was without question the most knowledgeable of all, and the scar line after the procedure was the cleanest. I've seen many doctors all around the world, and I think it would be very difficult to find a more expert circumcision doctor than Dr. Khan.

Adult patient for revision circumcision, travelled from USA June 2016

Very good manner, put me at ease through out the procedure, would definitely recommend

Written by a carer, May 2016

I was extremely nervous before the procedure, but having listened to the doctor, I felt so much better, and having chatted to another guy who was also waiting for his operation, I was so much calmer. After my operation was done I felt no pain, just wish I had done this sooner.would like to thank the doctor and the staff.

Adult circumcision May 2016

I underwent a revision circumcision by Mr Khan on the 9th of April for a circumcision I had elsewhere 20 years ago. The care I received was excellent. He explained clearly what we could achieve and listened to my concerns. Both Mr Khan and the lovely nurse were reassuring me during the procedure which was uneventful. I didn't feel any pain (apart from a small sting during the injection of local anaesthetic) and the end result was so neat. The use of glue sealed the wound nicely and I would recommend this to everyone rather than stitches. I didn't feel any pain afterwards apart from a mild discomfort the first night. I didn't even need to use any pain killers. I highly recommend Mr Khan and the Thornhill clinic as I was made to feel comfortable throughout.

Adult patient at Circumcision Centre, Luton, Bedfordshire April 2016

"Excellent care, Very Professional" 

Adult patient at Circumcision Centre, Luton, Bedfordshire April 2016

Dear Mr Khan: I hope you will be having a nice weekend. My boys are recovering very well. Younger son is left small area at 6 o clock position (day 8 after Glue circumcision). Just want to pay a big gratitude for your expertise. May Allah bless you. Many regards.

Two older boys' mother (NHS Consultant Ipswich Hospital) Ipswich Febraury 2016

Just to let you know that the work done on me by Mr. Khan and V(staff nurse) is proceeding very well indeed. After a little over a week it looks quite normal, and is healing very rapidly. The swelling is going down and I had barely any bleeding, indeed little mess at all beyond serous fluid. The pain is quite manageable and i am intermittently able to walk without problems. Mr Khan is quite the artist.

M (Adult Patient) September 2015

I visited your clinic on Monday for a circumcision operation for medical reasons. I am just writing to let you know that I thought the service you offer is excellent. The medical staff that performed my operation were exceptional. They really are a credible...
Peter A.

I am quite pleased with the outcome and also recommend two work colleagues to your establishment. Thanks again
Cliver S, Milton Keynes

I just wanted to write a brief note of thanks for a very good experience all round yesterday. It was all very relaxed, and yet professional too - partly the result of having only a few patients in at a time, I am sure. (My brother did mention that slightly more comfortable chairs for 'supporters' who have to wait the two hours or so might be an idea!)
I've had no problems so far, and look forward to removing the bandage later today. Once things have settled down, I'll send some fuller feedback which you can use in your publicity, but I did want to pass my thanks on to you, Mr Khan, and the rest of the team now.
With all good wishes - and I hope you got over the shock of not finding the door where you expected it! -
Nick, Norwich 8 October

Dear Dr Khan,
Thank you very much for getting in touch. I was thinking to send you an email to thank you but was a bit busy. Imran is healing fine. The ring came off after the eighth day and now is completely fine. Thank you again for taking the time to get in touch and for caring. Jazaka Allah for the good job.
Rachid B. Leyton, London 11 October

Dr.Khan knows what he is talking about, he is very professional and understands what you are going through because he is so established in his field. I can't say I was an easy patient and he handled every issue I had with ease and in a very calm fashion. On top of this he offers his personal number as a means of contact and will happily see you for a follow up to make sure everything is the way it should be. 100% I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for the services he offers.

Adult patient, London  May 2016

Dear Sir. Three weeks ago I had a circumcision at your clinic. When the bandage came off the result was very neat and the sealing was so well done that there was hardly any blood on the dressing. "Thanks to all the staff at the clinic who were very helpful and reassuring. Having an opera..."
Christopher D.

To all the staff at The Thornhill Clinic. Thank you all so much for your amazing work, help and kindness during my time spent with you. "You are all truly a credit to your profession. Kindest regards."
Alan M.

"I was most impressed with what he did and the care that he took and it would be nice to recommend the Circumcision Clinic to anyone else I can advise to use your clinic. The whole ethos of the place there was brilliant and deserves me passing on my views that the Circumcision Centre is the place to use."
Brian J.

Thank you for the circumcision service you provided for me. The operation went well, and I was easily able to drive the 150 mile journey home straight afterwards. Following the first two weeks which were quite uncomfortable, as I was informed they might be, there was little discomfort during the third week and after.
I was quoted over £1500 by a local private hospital, the £500 fee you charged me was very reasonable indeed and with no hidden costs. 
Thank you for providing this service.
David A. Sheffield (Operation done by Dr Khan  July)

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