Feedbacks from patients and parents


Patients and parents have provided feedbacks to Dr  Khan at London circumcision centre and Thornhill Clinic, Luton 

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250 feedbacks on 22 June 2018  

Circumcision for Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) or Lichen Sclerosus foreskin - patient feedback

Adult patient who has Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) or Lichen Sclerosus foreskin had circumcision by Dr Khan at London Circumcision Clinic 

"Can not recommend Dr Khan enough. The procedure was totally painless (minus the injections that do hurt but last 2/3 seconds). I was very worried about the future effects on my sex life from having circumscision and I’m happy to announce, if anything, things are better! I had to be circumscised because of BXO. The procedure lasted about 90 minutes. Things were very uncomfortable for around 7 days but the cream provided really hella relieve that feeling. The hardest thing to get used to is the (now exposed) head rubbing against underwear which can lead to some awkward, painful etections. Other than that everything post-procedure has been fine and like I said, things are working/feeling better than before. Don’t even worry about it."


Adult patient June 2018

Please see website for further information for Lichen Sclerosus or BXO and contact to Dr Khan for FREE telephone advice 

Feedback from patient with preputioplasty after tight foreskin (phimosis)

8th June 2018

Written by a patient at Leyton Healthcare 4th Floor, London Circumcision Clinic, London 

"My preputioplasty surgery went really well! Dr Khan was very reassuring and informative of the procedure. It was a quick and painless surgery, I was nervous but Dr Khan and his assistant kept me calm and comfortable throughout.  Being able to contact Dr Khan after the surgery was extremely helpful when it came to any concerns with swelling etc.  I would highly recommend anybody suffering from a tight foreskin to get in contact with Dr Khan. My results are amazing, I am really happy that I can now fully retract my foreskin without any pain! Wish I had done this sooner! "

Adult patient.

Glue Circumcision - new method of adult circumcision with Derma+flex glue

The patented Derma+Flex medical adhesive is formulated as a controlled flow gel. Derma+Flex is a flexible gel adhesive providing a supple, secure and transparent protective microbial barrier over adult circumcision wound   

Derma+Flex is sterile, viscous and easy to apply. It stays where you want without running. Single layer applications and faster set-times are facilitated by high viscosity. There is usually no need to apply multiple layers.

Derma+Flex is solvent-free and will not sting when correctly applied. Its unique proprietary formulation and method of setting means there is negligible exothermic reaction (heat generation). It naturally sloughs off without causing trauma.

Derma+Flex is ideally suited for areas of skin exposed to flexing and moisture, especially which are difficult to seal with traditional bandages.

We used dermabound glue in the past. Now we are using this new advanced formula glue for most of the adult circumcision at London circumcision clinic. 

Please see further details from company website .   


Derma+flex glue for adult circumcision