Audit of adult circumcisions by forceps guided method (Glue and stitches) by Dr Khan at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton, Bedfordshire

I have audited 172 adults circumcision in one year - Jan 2013- Dec 2013 at Thornhill Clinic, Luton 


Medical due to phimosis - Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO)  n=20

Cultural/hygiene/religious n=152


Infection n=6 (3.4%) treated with antibiotics

Minor bleeding n=5 (3%) conservatively treated

Wound gap n=2 (1%), topical antibiotics

Overall, Circumcision with Glue is better than stitches because of less pain, less infection and less scaring. Glue is waterproof so that patients can have a shower next day.