Baby Circumcision- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal age of a baby circumcision?

  • Best age is under 4 weeks

Will the circumcision hurt our baby?

  • Circumplast Circumcision is painless under local anesthesia

What is the preferred methods used by  London circumcision clinic. What do other surgeon or GP use? 

  • Dr Khan is child urologist who is experienced of all methods. He prefers Circumplast Circumcisions over Plastibell.

Does my baby require consultation before the circumcision? 

  • Consultation is done before the procedure at the same day as this saves travelling twice to the clinic. But free telephone consultation can be made with Dr. Khan before the operation.

Will the circumcision hurt my baby afterwards? 

  • Effect of numbing medicine may last a few hours. Dr. Khan will advice you pain relief after the baby circumcision.

Why parents or doctors are recommending Dr. Khan, London Circumcision Clinic? 

  • Dr. Khan gives personal and safe service. He is available 24 hours support by his own mobile phone and clinic is ready to see your child if you require to be seen by nurse or doctor. Dr. Khan can do FaceTime or Skype to assess your baby before you attend the clinic.

What are the possible complications from baby complications? 

  • Complication is rare. However. Infection, bleeding or redo operation may occasionally occur.

How long it takes to heal baby circumcision?

  • It will takes 5-10 days to heal Circumplast Circumcisions.

Do I need GP referral for the circumcision?

  • Referel letter is not require in most of the cases unless baby suffers from any medical illness or condition.

Do other surgeons use same anaesthesia for the circumcision?

  • Somr surgeons use Anaethetic cream which may not as effective as local anesthesia injection.

Does your baby require follow up appointment. How much it cost? .

  • Most of cases after circumcision will not require follow as they healed and recovered well. Free one follow up will be included in the price package.


These are only information. These can not be replaced with the professional advice by Dr. Khan about baby circumcision. 

 Please call Dr. Khan for free Telephone advice. +447527 314081